About Us

Proxity SA is a Swiss company founded in 2017 and based in Lugano, Switzerland, which develops high-end technology solutions and IT services with the goal of ensuring people a comfortable and interactive living environment.


Proxity is the flagship product developed by the company, it is a versatile and user-friendly RTLS solution to develop and manage a broad network of Bluetooth devices and to provide Real Time Location Services (RTLS). Proxity’s long-term innovative idea is to develop a Physical Web solution: a dynamic proximity based global solution which allows people to interact within the surrounding environment wherever they move indoor and outdoor environments - leading to a major improvement on the way people communicate, move and do business, and above all on their quality of life.

Proxity was able to already reach some very important milestones in the testing phase:

  • More than 11’000 RTLS devices collected in the Proxity RTLS Network and more than 2.5 Million events registered on the network
  • Partnership with a Swiss University to develop an analytical tool using machine learning and the Proxity Technology, design and simulate a real-time data analysis methodology intended for proximity data streams, in order to test and to predict the occupancy level of shared spaces.

Success stories


Ticino 2020

Digitization of the Municipalities of Malcantone, reducing the distance between administrations and citizens


Turin 2019

Create a direct and continuous contact tool with visitors in a highly dispersive environment



Digitize the two course and provide users with real-time information


Via Carlo Maderno 9,
6900 Lugano, Switzerland
Tel.: +41 76 369 82 77
Email: support@proxity.eu