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Web Solution

Your proximity message delivered in the right place.

A versatile and user-friendly solution, which allows people to interact in the surrounding environment, whether they move indoor or outdoor, leading to a major improvement in the way people communicate, get information do business, and above all on their user experience.

With Proxity you can quickly and easily create your own proximity messages and share any type of digital content to be displayed on the Proxity network.

Just go to the My section > add image > add message text > add link to your website > choose your #hashtags > choose Area and publish. Done!

Creating proximity digital content has never been this easy! Read more...


Physical Web

Imagine being able to interact with the objects and locations around you, where any information or digital content is delivered directly to your smartphone, according to your interests.

For example, walking around your city, you can automatically receive via push-notifications:

  • #virtual menu of a restaurant
  • #marathon in your city
  • #tickets for a museum nearby
  • #discounts for a nearby #outlet store
  • #Traffic information
  • #HappyHour offers at a Pub

Proxity connects the digital world with the physical world by giving digital content a location in the real world!


virtual menu


Lugano Marathon:

discover the athletes village


Egyptian Museum:

skip the line, virtual ticket



today Jeans at -40%



detour at km 15



happy hour from 18 to 20


CONTENT BASED ON Your interests

Online we use hashtags to label, sort and search for the content of our preference.

We brought the #hashtag to real life

Just set your preferences by selecting them in the #filtering system and Proxity will do all the work for you, delivering only the content relevant to you and your interests.




Proxity lets you interact with people in a completely safe way

RTLS technology and Proxity can be of big help within the current pandemic situation created by Covid-19.

The pandemic situation has sped up the process of digitalization because of the need to deliver content in a safe and contactless way.

People are now avoiding contact with objects and paper-based materials when not absolutely necessary

Proxity provides different possibilities depending on the sector: virtual menus, tips, reviews, digital payments, orders, quotes, brochures, offers, reservations and much more, to avoid physical contact, receive information, and stay safe.

All directly to the customer's smartphone and in the right place!

Green Goal


Paper is almost never blamed for global warming or climate change, yet paper impacts the earth at every stage of its life cycle. In fact, paper is the third or fourth source of industrial greenhouse gas emissions in most of the world's developed countries.

We estimate that most of the prints in business becomes outdated in just 2-3 months and between 40 to 50% of all pages printed are going to the rubbish bin.

Think before you print! Do you really need to print it or can you reach your goal and deliver your information in a smarter way?

More than 80% of the POS and communication material you have, can be delivered straight to your customers in digital form, so start reducing paper waste today!



Be part of all this and support our Green goal!

Proxity and the Physical Web can help reduce paper waste significantly by delivering all the possible needed information and content digitally and directly, to the user’s smartphones.

Success stories


Ticino 2020

Digitization of the Municipalities of Malcantone, reducing the distance between administrations and citizens


Turin 2019

Create a direct and continuous contact tool with visitors in a highly dispersive environment



Digitize the two course and provide users with real-time information



Location data has become critical in the shift to data-driven decision making, both in the private as well as public sectors around the world.

The possibility of analyzing this type of data can provide for a more in-depth and accurate knowledge of locations and users’ behaviors as could not have been previously possible, bringing it to a completely new level.

Cost Optimization

With the Proxity network you have a new geolocalized communications channel that comes directly to the users' Smartphones. With a better method of upselling and cross-selling in your Location you can increase your sales. Also, the service pays for itself with the cost savings of not having to print your communication materials: brochures, flyers, coupons, posters and all other. Instant and cost-effective delivery - No maintenance and printing costs


Proxity is multilingual, content is transmitted to the user in the Language set on their smartphone.

Just type your message in one of the languages available, and it will be automatically received by the user in the language set on the their smartphone.

Proxity knows no language barriers


Digital wallets, ticketing systems, queue management, CRM, push-notifications and so much more.

Proxity can be easily integrated into other applications, so developers can seamlessly leverage the Proxity network to enhance functionality, and enable sending proximity messages worldwide, using our proprietary SDK

Green Goal

Let's reduce paper waste!

More than 1 million tons of paper have to be recycled every year in Switzerland. More than 400 Million tons of paper per year have to be produced worldwide. Digitize your communications approach and help save the environment.